What is Creative Life Story Work?

Creative Life Story Work is based upon the Rose Model of Therapeutic Life Story Work.

The purpose of this approach is to help children and young people reflect on the journey they have taken so far and understand who they are today.

Creative Life Story Work provides space for children and young people to make sense of their lives, so that they have the chance to move forward with confidence in who they are and where they are going.

Creative Life Story Work is a three-tier approach of All About Me (direct work or group work), More About Me and Therapeutic Life Story Work.

All About Me is a six-week process and can be facilitated by an adult working with a child or young person, such as a social worker or a foster carer. Ideally a child or young person should be supported through All About Me every six months.

More About Me is a 12-week process and is facilitated by a trained Therapeutic Life Story Worker.

Therapeutic Life Story Work is a nine-to–12-month process and is facilitated by a trained Therapeutic Life Story Worker.

Creative Life Story Work is led by Blue Cabin, a North East-based charity which transforms outcomes for care-experienced children and young people, and was developed alongside South Tyneside Council; Professor Richard Rose (Therapeutic Life Story Work International), who is an internationally respected authority on Life Story Work; and Blue Cabin’s team of Associate Artists.


The origins of Creative Life Story Work 

Between 2018 and 2020 Blue Cabin worked with Professor Richard Rose, founder of Therapeutic Life Story Work International, a team of Associate Artists and South Tyneside Council to pilot a new approach to Life Story Work, based on the Rose Model.

And in 2021, Blue Cabin built on what had been learnt to enable two more local authorities – Darlington Borough Council and Gateshead Council – to use Creative Life Story Work to improve the lives of care-experienced children and young people in their areas. This roll-out was funded by What Works Centre for Children’s Social Care.

Blue Cabin and its team of Associate Artists continues to work in partnership with Professor Richard Rose, and are delighted that Darlington, Gateshead and South Tyneside local authorities have invested in this programme and are its inaugural local authority members.

What is Creative Life Story Work?