What is More About Me?

More About Me is an in-depth process, undertaken by a trained Therapeutic Life Story Worker alongside a child or young person and their supporting adult (such as a foster carer) that lasts eight to 10 weeks. 

More About Me seeks to support the child or young person to explore why they are where they are and offers them the opportunity to consider their journey from their birth family to where they are currently living. This will include the concerns, assessments, decisions, and the view of all those who have acted in their life. In doing so, they can ask, consider, and conclude the reasons for their current situation based on the events of his past. 

More About Me is a smaller intervention than the Therapeutic Life Story Work programme, it takes around 8 to 12 sessions, and each session is facilitated by a trained Therapeutic Life Story Worker. The sessions can take place at the family home setting or in school. 

The process for the work is similar to the Therapeutic Life Story Work, with an information bank, direct work with the child or young person and finally the development of a book. The book is typically around 30 – 40 pages in length and will include the story of the child/young person and be edited by them. 

You can find out more about this process by reading Professor Richard Rose’s blog here.

Find a Therapeutic Life Story Worker in your region who can facilitate More About Me.