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Bitesize Activity

My Favourite Things Bitesize Activity One: Hands

A quick All About Me activity to help people learn more about each other and their favourite things.

My Favourite Things

The aim of this section is to support a child or young person to think about what is important to them. Rather than thinking about their favourite person, this theme is more related to things, like colours, hobbies, school or college, and toys. By exploring these things alongside a child or young person, it will add to your knowledge about potential ways into other conversations.

Activity one: Hands 

Approaches and creative ideas to help you facilitate this session

Ask the carer (if present) to draw around the child or young person’s hand, the child or young person to draw around your hand, and then you draw around the carer’s hand.

Ask everyone to write their name, using their favourite colour pen or pencil, in the middle of their hand. Everyone writes their most favourite thing in their thumb and four favourite things in their four fingers.

Everyone shares more about themselves by sharing their hand as part of a discussion.

This is a really useful tool as it may help you to get to know more about the child or young person. It also provides a space for the child or young person and carer to learn more about you, and about one another too.

This resource was developed by Blue Cabin, Professor Richard Rose and South Tyneside Council.